Bad scans on BENQ DW1620

I have a problem with my drive . I get really bad scans on nero speed :

same disc scaned on liteon

I get similar results on a different FW (B7P9 , B7S9)
Dunno what to do - cant RMA because of this , media burns fine just scan like sh… :confused:
(sorry for bad english)

Try to scan and make a transfer rate test on a commercial DVD you know is good.

If it fails, you’ll have a cause for RMA.

Try upgrading your firmware B7M9 was the first release that fixed BLER scan. I would reccomend B7P9 or S9.

DAXON media is not very amazing… what speed did you burn at?

For DAXON AZ2… although BenQ can burn @ 16x… better to stick to 8x or 12x at the most.

I agree with this assessment.


I got my new BenQ DW1620 retail yesterday and directly after installing it in my PC, I tried to burn some 8x DVD+Rs from Verbatim (Media ID: MCC003). The first one I burned with B7T9, although the scan wasn’t bad, I think, I tried the second one with B7P9. This one looked much better, even if there were more PIEs at the beginning. The third one I burned exactly like the second one, using B7P9 and DVD Decrypter. (With the new burner I can finally burn all those DVB-S recordings which fill up my harddisk :D) The scan however was extremely bad, PIEs, PIFs and even POFs going up real high at the end. I think I could consider this a coaster, however I don’t like the second movie on this +R either, so I’ll just keep it, as the first few GBytes look okay to me. :slight_smile:

Has anyone an explanation, why the third burn was so bad? Did I just have bad luck with this +R?

First burn (B7T9):

Second burn (B7P9):

Third burn (B7P9):


Sorry, I forgot some things (can’t edit my post anymore): Yes, I have enabled DMA, I’ve got an Asus A7V333 mainboard (VIA KT333 Chipset) and I’ve installed the latest Hyperion driver package, which doesn’t install an IDE driver (that’s different to earlier versions of the Hyperion thing, if I remember correctly), so I guess, I’m using the MS driver. Burning works very good, buffer is always between 85% and 100% when I burn using DVD Decryptor. I burned all discs at 12x. Maybe I shouldn’t, and stick to 8x, which is, what they are verified for? However I thought that they could be burned 12x without any problem … if someone could tell me, I would really appreciate it. :slight_smile:


Might be a bad batch of media.

Consider picking up some cheap SmartBuy Prodisc R03 8X discs or possibly some cheap RIDATA Ritex R03 8X discs - just to get another option. They’re cheap, yet they burn well.

Yes try other media.

Unfortunately I’ve seen great variation in the quality of daxon media :frowning: But most of the discs I’ve had have been good though.