Bad Scans ? Need some help


here are some of my last scanned DVDs.

The first is a JVC (TYG03) DVD-R burned with a Sony DRU-820A at 4x.

The second still a JVC (TYG03) burned with a GSA-H42L burned at 4x and the last a Verbatim (TYG03) burned with the GSA-H42L at 8x .

Fist scan is Sum1 , second Sum8 and third Sum1 .

Since i’m not a quality scan expert can someone with more experience give me an opinion on the scans ?. Are those bad scans ?
I use a Optiarc AD-7240S to make quality scans .

Will i have problems in time with those DVDs ?
Thanks .

PS:Don’t mind the data when DVD were made . They were burned 3 days ago , i have PC data skrewed up .

It would be a little easier to compare the scans if the same unit for PIF reporting were used; in your posted scans the first and third are performed with PIF per 1 ECC blocks and the second scan is performed with PIF per 8 ECC blocks.

This setting can be changed on the Advanced (Avanzato) button, and I suggest using PIF per 1 ECC block.
EDIT: You’ll need a more recent version of Nero CD-DVD Speed to have the Advanced button.

All three scans are good in my opinion; not fantastic, but quite good.

Sorry ,

second scan was took with old nero cd speed and could not set Sum1 (or didn’t know how to ). Tomorrow i will post more scans . Thanks for the reply .