Bad scans from favorite media

Every now and again you run into a disk that is just odd. This one is the very top disk from a spindle of Verbatim MCC-004, old style packaging, PAP6 serial code. The disk was flawless, no scratches, no dust, no fingerprints. The PIE and PIF levels are ten times worse than any other disks from the spindle that I’ve tried so far.

Burned at 8x on a Pioneer 215L. Scanned the disk on both a BenQ 1620 and Samsung 203B. The scans are very similar, though the error levels are higher on this Samsung scan.

The disk could have problems that the others dont, or the drive/computer was having a harder time while burning, there is a lot going on when a DVD is being made.

But TBH I dont see that as such a bad scan, its not perfect, but I doubt that you could tell from watching it that its any different to the others.

Unless there was something going on in the background I wasn’t aware of, it was only burning the disk. I don’t multitask while burning. I think it is just an odd disk.

Just not happy about the thought of it recurring when I don’t scan…which is most of the time.

I agree its not that horrible…just a lot worse than I’d like to see from Verbatim burned at a reasonable speed.

It’s just a bad disc.
Can we see the benq scan? also how does the TRT test look on the pioneer and the benq?

Ok, here are the other scans. Don’t have a TRT from the BenQ.

Thanks Kerry.

TRT looks ok, also the benq scan isn’t that bad, for my taste.

Are those the Verbs you got at Best Buy? That might explain it. I think that BB stores their media in an oven or something. The same media from OfficeMax or elsewhere always seems to be better.

Yes, these are from BB. Only one relatively bad disk so far though.

I may be paranoid enough to start scanning more often now. :slight_smile:

YOurs look, OK. the worse Verbatim DVDs I have bought were the ones with the intelliflix label.