Bad scans from a nec2500a, using new ld_fw205c

Hey guys,
Haven’t really been using my burner for awhile already, about 6months, just recent I decided to fire it up and burnt some movies and data files.

The scans were pretty bad, so I decided to upgrade the fw to ld_fw_205c, everything went smoothly, ran a burn and still the graphs look pretty bad.

Nec 2500a upgraded to a 2510a

Scanned with a Liteon 811s fw_hs09

Any suggestions on why this may be?

Clean the drive or buy a new one.

Thanks chef – so you’re saying this is a bad burn, it’s not the media or the liteon not being about to scan?

I’m able to read the data discs and also the movie plays without any issues.

How should I go about cleaning it? TIA

By using a cleaning disc (dry clean) or by using Isopropanol and a q-tip.

So this type of signature is not because it’s bad media or a bad scan, because the data discs and movies plays with no issues.

bump for more suggestions

Please don’t bump.

How fast have you burned this media?