Bad scan with MCC 004 LS media

Burned with BENQ DW1655 (BCHB) at 16x and scanned with BENQ DW1650 (BCHC). This a MCC 004 LS media, but does this affect the disc quality?

You should try f/W BCDC, which seems to give a lot less problems than BCHC; also I would consider burning @12x.

I agree with Pianoman, when I burned mine I got very good results.

you burned mcc00[B]3[/B] :bigsmile:

Yes but it was a Verbatim 8x DVD+R Lightscribe that was burned. I wasn’t aware that Verbatim was selling 16x DVD+R Lightscribe media with the MC004 code.

Where did you get the Verbatim 16x Lightscribe Media?

My MCC 004 LS Verbs are made in India and, according to some people, not as good as the Taiwanese ones. I have no compaints though, burns are good, quality difference between the Indian LS 004 Verbs and the Taiwanese non-LS 004 Verbs is minimal. Pianoman is right, you should burn 004 Verbs at x12. Also remember that SolidBurn may be ‘confused’ if you mix 'n match Taiwanese and Indian MCC 004 media resulting in the drive having to re-learn. If you use one sort and halfway through a batch you want to use another, better turn SolidBurn off, burn, and then turn it back on before going back to the batch that your drive has already learned. I prefer to burn Taiwanese ones with my 1650 and Indian ones with my 1655, this way SolidBurn only gets to learn one type/batch of MCC 004 per drive.

This was a Taiwanese made MCC 004.