Bad scan with LH-20A1S TYG03 :(

i buy Verbatim Japan (TYG03) and Verbatim TAIWAN (MCC 03ORG02)
and in the Japan i get this scan:

BURN ON 8X, scan on 4X.

in TAIWAN i get just 18 PIF and 1-MAX (Spike). is it fake media?

plz help? :sad:

EDIT: it`s the same when i scan with NERO CD SPEED

If you want pretty scans, then don’t use Verbatim 16X TY. You’ve actually got very low PIE on this one. Do they all have this PIF clump? What does the TRT look like?

amm… what is TRT?
and yes, all got this PIF, 2 scans at now.

TRT = Transfer Rate Test (a readback test of the burned disc at max. speed). If the burn is bad, the speed will drop.

Don`t Worry…

Isn`t your recorder. but the media…

I have more than 100 TYG03, diferent bach, and they are the same sh****!