Bad results with Philips SPD2410L7/Lite-On SHM-165P6S

i have crossflashed the drive to the lite-on firmware MSOR and it came up with these bad results WTF.

this is the first burn as well, but i didnt expect it to have such bad errors first off. my year old sony dw-q28a burns a good disc, any ideas? maybe a better firmware. i think i saw someone had better results with the philips firmware, but i figured lite-on FW would have better writing schemes.

Bad errors ? are you serious ? besides the fre high spikes to 8 PIF, it’s an excellent burn for a dual layer disc!

what! no heres a good DL burn. this was with my older 1693S

Have you seen this thread ?

Your result from the 1693S is above average. The poor burn may have been a once off thing.

i hope its a once off thing verbatims aint cheap, but i am