Bad Results from LDW 811S

I bought the Lite-On LDW 811S last week and burned 3 discs with it. I am not happy with the results. Although the disc were readable in my DVD-Rom, they all failed miserably on my stand-alone dvd player from Philips. My stand-alone player NEVER refused a burned DVD+R disc before with different Media and from diffent burners (NEC 1100 & Plextor 708a)

I have installed the lastest official firmware from Lite-on.

Media I used:

  • Fuiji (RICOH) 2.4 speed
  • Maxell (RICOH) 2.4 speed
  • Verbatim DLP (Mitsubishi) 4 speed

What could be the problem? Or is it the inferior quality of this driver in comparison to the LDW 411S?

I am returning this drive tomorrow and get a Plextor 708A

I think you shouldn’t return your drive so soon, LiteON may improve the firmware within days, who knows… Anyway, you should report the problem to LiteON and also ask for bit-setting support :bigsmile:

ive managed to get hold of purple top ritek dvd+r x4 these disks are the best ive ever used u can burn upto x8 on theses disks but i find burning at x6 gives a nice deep burn x8 seems ok i think at the moment the advice seems to be get good media because it does pay as i have found out myself with this drive

I noticed that Nero burns the disc as UDF 1.02

see also my media result here