Bad Refresh after Burning on ND-3500

I have the DVD burner on a second PC with win98 (PIII, 128Mb etc).
I burn with no problems, but after I finish, the windows explorer and the main PC (connected by network) doesn’t read the files.

What I do is open the tray, try to read the content :stuck_out_tongue: just to get the “device is not ready” and then I close the tray and retry.
Only then (and not always) it shows the files.

I already checked the DMA and the Autoinsertion but I can’t make it workl well.
The DVD is Slave on the same IDE with a CD burner (HP).

Any idea?

Old o/s , old processor , and not enough RAM maybe. Not knocking your rig but it is lacking alot. It’s probably RAM. Takes awhile to free it up.

I’m not sure. I think the refresh reading on the windows explorer shouldn’t be so problematic with a PIII.
Any other ideas to check?