Bad REAL Taiyo Yuden discs?


I burnt a few backup copies of my wii games (did you know that maple syrup ruins discs? Get a little sister and find out! So she only gets copies now).

Most of them came up with disc read errors, so I tried them in my computer. DVDInfoPro shows many read errors, and ImgBurn refuses to copy the disc (read errors).

I burnt it on an LG GSA-4163B burner, using Nero at 16x.

I checked the posts about making sure the discs are real. I bought them from, which seems to be a legit site, and the discs have “TH000045” printed on the bottom just outside the hub.

Unfortunately my drive doesn’t support any of those other scans you guys post (which I have no idea what they mean anyways…).

So what’s wrong here? Bad discs? Bad burner? Nero? User error?

I tried doing another disc with ImgBurn at 8x, and verified it. That one seems to work in the wii so far.

  1. Your burner is older, but you’re trying to burn newer media. The 4163B may not have a good write strategy for T03s. Make sure your drive has the latest firmware. You would have been better off buying some 8x Taiyo Yuden media, which your drive would have had an easier time handling. Not every drive can burn 16x TY well.

  2. You’re using the wrong tests. You need to go to and download DiscSpeed, then use that to run what is known as a Transfer Rate Test (TRT) on your burned disks. That will give a better idea of the basic usability of your burns.

  3. As you already figured out, slowing the burn speed down to 12x, 8x, or 6x may provide much better results. As I said before, you have an older burner, and it may not be the best at burning the media you have at 16x, but may do OK at 12x, 8x, or 6x.

The rest of the test showed errors throughout the entire lower third of the disc. That would be about the time the drive starts burning at faster speeds, right?

The drive does have the latest firmware (A106).

I’ve been thinking of replacing it. I can get an LG SATA dvd burner (not sure exact model yet) at work for a decent price.

I ran the discspeed transfer rate test as you recommended. The results don’t look good…though I don’t really know what I’m looking for in the graph.

Is there a very very basic beginners guide to interpreting the results of these tests? I’ve found a few technical ones that went way over my head, but nothing simple. I’m not new to computers, but when it comes to technical DVD stuff I’m a noob.

You need to try a new drive before you blame the discs…

Preferably a Pioneer or Sony/Optiarc…

I didn’t expect that disc to pass a TRT - I have a lot of experience with CRC error testing on different media types, and the first test clearly showed a useless burn.

OK, grante I buy all my TY media from and I have never had a bad burn from them and I even had the value line too. I bought and used up a 100 disc spindle of the same discs as you and just finished a test on it. I burned this disc using an LG GSA-H22N I think but not remember as I have replaced it with a newer LG burner already. I burned this disc at 8x speed back in July and just did the test now using a lite-on DH20A4P. Try 8x media like negritude said. You can get the dvd+r 8x Taiyo Yuden silver lacquer or the dvd+r 8x Taiyo Yuden silver inkjet printable from I have gotten really good burns using them and I burned at 8x speed on my LG, pioneer and lite-on and have gotten the same results using all three burners. Also replace that burner like Architectonic said before you start blaming the discs.

I’ve replaced the drive with a GH22NS30 and ran into a strange issue with them.

Discs burn ok with Nero (had a couple I burnt at 16x that wouldn’t read in the Wii, but ones at 12x or 8x seem to work).

However, they fail with ImgBurn. Made a different thread here: