Bad Ram modules, help me

Since about 1 month, my Windows XP started behaving strangely, errors, shutdowns, reboot, i thought it was from SP2 (which i installed a week before, and in another thread on this forum, i complained about it).
till yesterday when it won’t boot even, after the startup xp logo, it just reboot, even in safe mode.

i spent hours till i was able to put a clean winxp on another partition, and guess what, it also started the same problems.

i went and tried memtest/goldmemory/memdiag software, and they all say i have bad memory…
goldmem reports that i have 2 bits corrupted (every new seconds i get an error in some location, it writes 0000000 and reads 040000, etc).

i didn’t change any hardware options (only replaced the cd/dvd writer).

i have A7V133 Motherboard with 384MB (256+128) of SD-RAM, running at 133 MHz bus (the same as from 3 years ago).

what is the solution?

i know i had to try the memory module each one alone to know which one is bad, and also try them on another computer, but this will be tomorrow, today no time…


  • could it be dust on the pins or something?
  • age of memory (more than 3 years old)?
  • heat? case temp these days is 28-35*C, in summer it used to reach 40-45 sometimes. (cpu now is 45, summer arrives to 60)

Reading the symptoms, I share your view. I think it’s worth trying first to remove the 128 module, then the 256 module and see what happens.

usualy, new memory modules have zero 0 errors?

Unfortunately not always. Have you figured out what module is faulty?

If any memory module reports even 1 error then its faulty, having said that it could be the board or memory, i suggest doing what you said then come back, memory can just go, and it could be down to any number of reasons its probably going to be impossible to tell what caused it

Ok, problem solved, it was only dust.

i put them one at a time, and they were both good, so i cleaned the dust and installed them both back, and now no more errors…

It is the ideal situation, it is luck that we all need sometimes. Congrats!:slight_smile:

Many times, it’s not just the dust, but contacts (especially where heat is involved, like in ram) get an oxidized buildup on them. You should clean the contacts very well, or you may find your problem could soon return.

Best way I know of is to use a pencil eraser. It is known to clean this buildup off VERY well. Then you could clean the eraser residue (if any, depends on the eraser you use). This will get the contacts super clean. :wink:

^^ thanks for the note, i’ll keep it in mind…