Bad quality with mmc004


I have been getting bad results with Verbatim dvd+r 16x (mcc004 India). I figure this isn’t the kind of reading result you would like to get…

I tested with speeds 12x, 16x and 18x, but the result remains the same. However I have been able to make some good copies before with these discs in the past (50 pack).

So I wonder… is the quality of this media so variable or is there something wrong with the burner/software? The Lg h12n has firmware RPC1 ul12 (with riplock removed) installed. Used burning software has been nero 6.

I hope someone can help :slight_smile:

Ps. 1:st post. Sorry for the bad english :doh:

Verbatim usually does better than that. You can find a read speed test of a Verbatim MCC004 (made in India) here:

The disc was written and read by a LG GSA-H22N


I would not be so fast to blame that on the media. There can be numerous causes for a dip like that. :iagree: