Bad quality when printing low res dvd covers

Hey all. I have recently print a dvd cover in the size of 1483 x 1000. But the small text on the back of the case was just blurred. You couldn’t read the text.

On some movies theres only small res covers. Is this why the quality gets very bad? Is there anyway to fix it?

Also I know that there is higher res like 3000 x 2100 or something like that. And I have read that you should print in 300 dpi. But I wonder, where can you adjust the dpi to 300?

Thanks in advice

No way yo fix it, crappy cover stretched = crappy printed cover.

If you strive for quality your only option is to make your own covers.

Use better paper, with an appropriate setting in your printer driver.

I already use a very good glossy paper so that not the problem.

But I wonder how can you do your own dvd cover?

Also what do you mean with appropriate setting in your printing driver?