Bad quality slow motion



Im using a canon xl1 to shoot football games outdoors, and adobe premiere 6.5 to edit. when I create a DVD I end up with blurry, jerky, pixelated images on the final product particularly when using slow motion.

I have been using the export, timeline, movie function in premiere to create a video and then I use My DVD to create the final DVD.

Am I correct in assuming that encoding will help? what else can I do to fix this problem?

Additionally when I use After Effects the Time warp does not give me any better results than modifying the speed in premiere - that does not seem correct?



I would try using a different encoder, and perhaps even a better quality disk. Which brand of media are you using… I recommend using either verbatim or taiyo yuden, and try a few different encoders (favc, tmpgenc, etc…)


Thanks - I have not at this point attempted the premiere encoder, I was only using the functions that create an AVI, I then took that avi and created a DVD with “MY DVD”.

I was going to use the premiere encoder and try the process again. 1) do you think not encoding was the problem 2) do you think the premiere encoder will be satisfactory?

Gregg 42 seemed to also mention these problems - any suggestions Gregg 42?


The Premiere encoder should be fine, and yes I think you need to try encoding and see how it works.


When I was using Premiere 6 and 7, I noticed the slow mo results were not great. I’ve since upgraded to v 1.5 and am happy with the results.
For me, the problem was Premiere, because it happened both exporting the project as avi, or frameserving to my mpeg encoder. But the more you slow down the framerate, your video will always suffer slightly.