Bad quality of home dvd movie


Few month ago I bought a digital video camera and begin to learn to edit my own videos.

I am using Adobe Premiere Pro software for editing video, my video camera is NTSC system and I use Pal system as output.

When I burned the video on as DVD or SVCD or any other format, the quality of moving action is very bad. Everything is little unsharp, and especially the edges of objects (on the places with high contrast) getting some thick horizontal lines. Does anybody knows why is this happening, and how is the best way to transocde the movies to DVD without loosing a lot of details?

When I save movie as AVI file, the quality is much better (I am thinking most about frames with action in it).

Please help


Hello first-poster and welcome to our club.
So your TV equipment is PAL, or why else are you outputting it to PAL? Since saving it to AVI’s does not degrade quality I’m thinking it has something to do with your NTSC->PAL conversion.
Are you using the built in DVD-function in Premiere?
Are your videos long? Home videos tend to be rather short so you should be fine without any (or very little) compression, can you tell us what settings you have encoded your movies so far?

I bought camera in USA because of much lower prices then here. I am living in Europe.

I used built in DVD function in Premiere, but also tried Nero and some other software which came with by DVD burner.

I also tried to burn DVD in NTSC format and play it in computer, and I’ve got the same results, so I don’t really thnink that the problem lays in conversion from NTSC to PAL.

The quality of original movie, when I play it in Premiere is better but there are also some horizontal lines when camera is turning left or right or objects are moving, though this lines are much more subtle.

Is there any difference in copying movie from camera to computer just through firewire card, or is is better to have some kind of hardware graphic card to do this? Should there be a loss in quality when copying from DV equimpent to computer through FireWire?

My movies are about 20 minutes. I can’t tell you right now what settings I am encoding, but I try to use the best so far as I understand all the options.

Anyway I have to make this clear:

When I burn direct the movie from Adobe Premiere it will come out as described in previous post. When I just encode it with the same settings as I set for burning, to mpeg or avi, it come out much better. Then when I burn AVI file with any of three softwares I tried to use to DVD all will result in same bad picture. Do you have any idea where is the problem?

I will try to post later today or tommorow a sample video or just snapshot how it looks. I can not now, because I am at work, and I don’t have the movie here.

thanks for help