Bad quality DVD copy - Need help!



I recently burned Wallace & Grommit using DVD43 & Nero Recode 2. Dvd copy looks n workd great!

But I then proceeded to burn Stuart Little III, Zorro they did not work as process above due to errors when analyzying movie sooooo I ripped to hard drive usuing DVDFab which rips succeesfully then I use Nero Recode to burn to disc which also burns successfully…but the dvd quality is baaad!

The movies pause (alot), are extremely pixaliated and just looks horrible…

What am I doing wrong???


Depending on how big the movie is if Nero Recode compressed the movie that could be the problem. The more you have to compress a movie the worse the quality. To make a quality backup, copy the movie to HD first. Open Recode let it analyze the movie, it will show you how much compression is needed. If the compression is too high maybe you might want to blank some of the extras to get less compression. Recode will do this for you but i use Vobblanker because it actually reduces the size of the movie so you don’t have to compress as much. Also if you let Recode do an advanced analysis the quality is better, but it is much slower.


It might also have something to do with any added protection that the companies put on the DVD.
A quick search in this forum should provide some insight into what other software you could use.


If you want to create a good quality backup you should try DVDRebuilder
but keep in mind that a program can only do so much…
when the original is real big you’re bound to loose quality


I forgot to mention I am only copying the main movie only. I also allowed Nero to do an advance analysis of the movie.

what type of software would help?