Bad Quality? 110D MCC Faulty?


I have a 110D, and a MCC , and its producing what appears to be totally crap quality scans…

i almost thought it was an RITEK disc in there…

helpppppppp is this a faulty drive?

Not likely. Pioneer drives simply don’t report PIE/PIF correctly. Try scanning the disc in a Lite-On or BenQ or NEC drive, or doing a plain transfer rate (reading) test on the Pioneer with CD-DVD Speed.

My drives (3x DVR-110D and 1x DVR-110) burn all on Verbatim DVD-R 8x with high error-rate.
The DVR-110 series is trash with Firmware 1.22!
2 scans, 4x recorded with 2 different DVR110D with Verbatim DVD-R 8X

Scan with CD/DVD Speed:

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Pioneer drives are notoriously unreliable for scanning. Mostly they report looney numbers after the +/- 3GB point, and show great variations between two scans of the same disc, which makes them more or less useless for scanning.

If you really want to scan with your Pioneer drives, guys, at least select “Speed” instead of “accuracy” (I have no clue as why, but Pioneer drives scan better at higher speeds :confused: ), and select “ASPI” as interface in the options instead of “SPTI”. At least on the 109 it helped, maybe with the 110D it will too.

I’ve burned MCC 02RG20 on my 110D and it gave me some of the best results.

There is a reason you don’t see quality scans done on Pioneer drives; they report high error rates where there may be almost no errors at all.

See this thread for 110D quality scans done with a BenQ drive:
DVR-110D quality scans

and this post in particular for MCC 02RG20 results:

this is incorrect… when i do a cd speed scan, it pretty much matches exactly what i see in the pi/po scan…

i also have a mcc burnt from 109 which was pretty good in quality in when scanned in the 110d…

this is scanned on the same 110d, but the MCC was burnt from a 109…
as you can see the 110d is capable of scanning quality

:confused: with what drive do perform a cd speed scan?

well it matches the pi/po it spits out…

that mcc burnt from 109 has no problems with cd speed,
however the one burnt in 110d, has slight problems in the middle and at the end

so you mean a tranfert rate test? right? on the same drive?

yep thats what i mean,

i give up on this 110d…

First you mentioned a cdspeed ‘scan’, that’s why it wasn’t clear. When we talk about a ‘scan’, here, it means a quality scan (pie/pif/po)… :wink:

The Age of quality from pioneer is over! My Panasonic DMR-E500 DVD stand alone recorders have a problem to read this Verbatim 8X DVD-R burnded by DVR-110(D), I heved never seen any problem with this media that was burned from the old models DVR-105,107,109.

Are you sure you just didn’t get a bad batch of Verbatims? I also noticed you burned the discs at 4x; have you tried 8x? It isn’t necessarily the case that a slower burn will give better results.

I was about to ask pretty much the same question… Verbatim is changing a lot these days.

If the 110 as a drive model was to blame, how would you explain agent009’s results? Either your drive has problems, or your discs have problems, or you have a variation of Verbs that don’t match your drive.

The latter happened to me some time ago with a batch of made in india 8X -R Verbs, that I can’t burn on my 109 but give great results on my Nec 4550. My older 8X -R Verbs (mcc02rg20) burned very well on the 109. The more recent 8X -R Verbs made by TY are a perfect companion.

My point being you can’t assume that your next batch of discs of the same brand/model will behave exactly like the previous, even (sadly and recently) with Verbatim.

And yes, you can try to burn these @8X and see if things improve. Don’t expect write strategies to be the same when you get a new drive!

verbatim is very dodgey media, they used to be good but the recent batches i recieved seem to be getting worse all the time.

It not only can be a bad batch, also there are enough fakes out these days…

my verbatims were a year old, and cased ones…
i have 2 exactly the same, one burnt in a 109 (perfect quality)
the one burnt by the 110d( crap house quality)

i give up, my friends 110 seems to be better, probably luck of the pick…

well its either the drive or the media,
im not having luck with ritek either… its hard to purchase TY at my place and that cost alot more…

since if the 109 can burn the verb very well
i expect the batch i am using is OK…

but its very hard explaining to pioneer… ‘the quality of the burn is crap’ , they’ll just say, your media… but the fact is… i’ve tried a few and everything comes up crap anyway