Bad PSU?

Hello everyone!

So I decided to open up my computer’s PSU and flip the large 120mm fan around so that it becomes an output fan rather than an intake fan (it is positioned right over my CPU heatsink and case exhaust fan). It has always had the problem where it “revvs” (turns on for a split second, then off, then on again) before POSTing, but it usually works eventually. Now it doesn’t seem to even get to the POST part, the system just hangs at boot.

I have checked and rechecked the connections, cleared the CMOS, etc.

This was not an cheap PSU…im using an Xtreme Vigor 500W which has scored 10/10 in multiple reviews, but I believe it is failing due to inadequate current.

If anyone has experience/insight into this it would be greatly appreciated, I don’t want to buy a new PSU for nothing :doh:

Change the power supply.
You got yourself right, your PC doesnt get enough power to boot up in the first place.

Is it this one? ->

If it is, the +3.3 V rail is quite low. The +12 V rail should be better, considering a common modern system. You might need a PSU with more Amperes on these rails.

Well, I just got an Antec 480W PSU today and it still doesn’t work. (Hell it even works less than before)

I guess that leaves the mobo. It’s taken quite a beating over the years due to my consistent modding, and it seems to be the only thing left considering i’ve taken the whole thing apart and reassembled.

I don’t think I’m pulling too much current because it has run perfectly fine before this weekend, hell I even disconnected all my optical drives and HDD. No dice.

So, yeah i’ll return this PSU and buy a mobo instead, and im happy cuz my Vigor is nice and shiny :cool: