Bad Prodisc?

I had a good experience earlier with Frontech media, they turned out to be Riteks.I went out and bought some more today,turned out to be Prodiscs.CDRIdentifier says that they are Phthalocyanine discs.I burnt 300 MB of data on one using my Lite-On 48X, at the Smart-Burn Limit of 40X on these discs.The scandisc test reported 63% good and 37% damaged sectors.Eh?
I thought Prodiscs were supposed to be good media?!
Anyhoo,can anyone corroborate this? Or could you post your thoughts and experiences with Prodisc media?

Did you try with VS08?

Yep,the burn was with VS08.
Anything I am overlooking? The media says that it is 32X certified,so should I reduce the burning speed?

Then try it at 32x. The smart burn limit isn’t trustworthy.

Okay,i;ll give that a go.
Thanks alexnoe
I’ll get back to you.

Nopes,burnt a new disc at 32X, got the same screwy results. 60%good and 40% bad. What is happening here?I thought that Prodiscs were good???!!!

It should be a bad batch, if you can return it, do so.
Prodisc is normally superb media. (They haven’t been chosen to make Mitsui’s “Made in Taiwan” discs for nothing, and the dye used is the same.)

ATIP: 97m 32s 19f
Disc Manufacturer: Prodisc Technology Inc.
Reflective layer: Dye (Short strategy; e.g. Phthalocyanine)
Media type: CD-Recordable
Recording Speeds: min. unknown - max. unknown
nominal Capacity: 702.83MB (79m 59s 74f / LBA: 359849)

Above is the info of these discs. I returned 3 unused discs, ended up with 3 more which gave me the same problem.I’m pulling my hair out.Could it be a problem with the drive? The data is being read off the discs fine,only the fact that there are literally millions of C2 errors is p******g me off!

Any ideas anyone?

Can you try other media? My experience isn’t the best with Prodisc either…

Well, it could be possible that this particular brand bought B-grade media from Prodisc to save up on costs, in which case there’s no helping it.

Yup… i’ll pick up some more media tomorrow
I don’t get it. 2 weeks back,the Frontechs were Riteks and now they are Prodiscs?
Damn. How are those 40X Samsungs then? They are supposed to be Ritek too,right?

Originally posted by Bhairav
I don’t get it. 2 weeks back,the Frontechs were Riteks and now they are Prodiscs?

They sell media from many producers at once.
My LiteOn doesn’t like Prodisc either, burned three and all had errors…

The Prodisc’s sold in Australia as Datastream and SmartBuy seem very reliable. I’ve used them since the 1x-8x days and they’re still 100% readable with no C2’s.

Yes, Prodisc does sell various grades of CD-R, as do many manufacturers, including Taiyo Yuden. You may have problems with B and C grade media. This is expected. At least they don’t sell rubbish media as A grade media like CMC does!!!

BTW, the dye used in Mitsui/Prodisc CD-R’s is different to the dye used in the standard Prodisc CD-R’s. This can be seen in the dye type specified in the ATIP. Mitsui is Type 6 and Prodisc is Type 9.


My lite on loves prodisc discs, Fred Myers is selling some HiVal 16x 100 packs for $19.99 and they are prodisc and I can burn 48x no problem, no errors with them. and I’ve burnt 300 so far and just bought another 100. I have a 40x12x48 Lite-On flashed to VS08.

If you can find the HiVal brand of discs, you might have better results with them.


even i recently got these frontech media made by prodisc too, so far i’ve had good results with prodisc (samsung 16x & 24x) @40x with 40125W (WS09).

currently i’m VS08 (48x) and these media don’t burn too well at 48x, loads of errors at the end of the disc. lower speed does give better results.

Riteks, have kinda mixed feeling about them. Some burn really well and others are just crap.

Off Topic:

Bhairav, have you tried MMORE and Writex? if so can you tell me the manufacturer of these media.


MMORE Media -

  1. Discs with color tops (not the colored discs(!)) in colored slim cases - Manufacturer: Moser Baer India(MBI), Type Phtalocyanine, 700MB, etc…

  2. Unbranded discs, manufacturer etc. all the same as (1) except for a small, thick portion at the centre of the disc’s plastic rim on the inside.

  3. 8-cm discs with colour tops in colored slim cases, 193 MB, Phtalocyanine, windows progs like CD-R Identifier and others give “Manufacturer Unknown” or “Code Unknown”. CDRecord under Red Hat Linux 7.1 gives “Illegal old Code - Old Ritek Co?”

Hope this helps.



I had tried SAMSUNG COLORED - Prodisc.

Bad :frowning: Lots of C2 errors !!