Bad Power Supply = Low Buring Speed?

Could a power supply that does not show any other forms of errors be the cause of slow burning speeds??

I have read over in the ‘LG’ forum where noisy power supplies caused errors on one the ‘LG’ drives??

But no mater what I do I can not seem to burn faster than 8X… even if NERO Speed test says that I can transfer data from the hard drive at 48X+


To put it briefly: no.

Have you already ruled out a possible DMA/cable problem? Also HD fragmentation can lead to such issues.

Brand new cables…
And I have quadrupled check the DMA settings…
My harddrive gets DEFRAGGED every night…
NERO speed says that the drive can handel the speed…


Perhaps you could provide some more information, like the media in use and what - exactly- happend in Nero when you select burn speeds above 8x. And, maybe even what drive you are using.

IDE drivers? I mean did you install specific IDE drivers on your system? What’s your mobo model?

I suspect drive fragmentation is becomming a red herring. My new benq will burn highly fragmented files while defragging with quality score = 95+. My liteon 811 gave me horrible burns with perfect files and nothing running in the bg. A real good test is move the drive to another good pc maybe at a friends house. Thats how I proved my liteon just plain sucked. No tweak was going to fix it. On the other hand my nec 2500 had its ups and downs and got better as I got better firmware and cleaned up probs on my pc. And I would never say anything NEVER causes a specific prob. But the PS is very unlikely to cause a slow burn. Check diff media and firmware 1st.

This is highly system-dependant… :wink: - Certainly won’t work on all systems :disagree:

Besides, it’s speed that is an issue here, not burning quality (as least the original poster didn’t mention it).