I’ve been having the same problem for a while now.
I have a new LG Super-multi DVD/CD burner combo, GSA-E10L.
I get a BSOD, earlier with a stop: (OX00000019,…) error, now with a
stop: (OX00000020,…) error.
Sys specs:
Dell Dimension 4400
Intel Pentium 4 1.60 GHz
640mg RAM
XP home
Epson Perfection V100 (USB 2.0)
HP All-In-One PSC 750 XI (USB 2.0) (scanner feature hasn’t worked for some time…)
Recently removed a Seagate 160gig ext. (USB 2.0) (spontaneous reboots, checkdisks…)
Retailer checked burner out on their sys, no BSOD, so it is my sys.
Dell techie suggested my sys is fine; burner conflicting with printer. He suggested I disconnect printer, try to connect burner. This was unproductive. BSOD as soon as burner was connected.
USB emulation is enabled.
I cleaned heat sink, fan.
:frowning: Please help. If any more info needed, please ask…