Bad overclocking experience

I just wanted to share some experiences that I have had when overclocking the Lite On 40125s to a Liteon 48125w. I noticed that when I was burning an ISO image about 70% of the way through the drive would drop in speed and continue writing at 24x. I posted a message here to see if other people had similar experiences. I got some useful information about media quality, so I went out and got some Fuji 48x certified media. Much to my dismay I still had the same problem. A friend of mine had the same drive overclocked as well, so we tested his drive and he had the same exact problem. We also had a true 48125w that did not have these issues. We also noticed that when benchmarking the overclocked drives with Nero’s CD Speed, that they did achieve the 48x capability, however if we actually wrote the CD in CD Speed we got the same problem. When we use the intended firmware it takes about 3:00 to complete a 650 meg .iso whereas with the 48x firmware it took about 3:30. We both went back to the original firmware for the drive (zs0n) and are writing faster than with the 48x firmware (vs02 and vs06). The moral of the story, you might want to think twice before you try and overclock your Lite On.