Bad output from AVSTODVD

I have a good source that I first tried in avstodvd. It burned but the results are bad. The original format is H264 MPEG4 1278 X 720. I did get this to work with AVITODVD Free, but here is the results from AVSTODVD…

Three hours and five minutes is a [B]very[/B] long movie to put into a DVD-5. I’m assuming you were making a dvd-video to fit onto a single layer dvd. So the bitrate is fairly low, and quality will suffer.

Anything at two and a half hours or over, you should encode to DVD-9. And three hours is max.

Were you using HCenc in a two pass encode? Or ffmpeg?

Well, I will have to see what the option was. I did burn to single layer, but AVITODVD worked. Also, this is just something I want to see. If I were to keep it, I would go for the highest quality I could get. I do have double layer, but put it on a RW dvd so I could erase it later.