Bad news of Lite?

I read in other forum : Lite don’t bypass Sd 2.60 !!! max 2.51

It’s True ???:confused:

I really don’t know since I don’t have any SD 2.6 discs. And I have not seen any discs with SD 2,6 around here either.

I guess that if Lite-On can’t do it, then no other writers can do it either.

Where did you read this?

I read this in Italian forum
If I have other notice i post you
See You OC-Freak


Anobody know of a (good) SD 2.6 game?
Maybe I should buy one and test… :slight_smile:

The only difference to SD 2.51 is that the week sectors are behind sector 1000 i think (to fool betablocker users g)

German Star Trek Bridge Commander has SD 2.60.052. A LiteOn 32123S made a copy which works in the extremly picky Toshiba 1502. Even if error correction is disabled clonecd doesn’t report any additional errors, so I consider the copy “perfect”.

Ah, false alarm then. :slight_smile:

Tom Clancy’s new game, The Sum of All Fears also has SD 2.60.x…
I have the CCD-image but I haven’t tried burning it yet since I’m all outta CD-R’s! :frowning:

From what I understood, SD2.60 is no different from SD2.51.021 regarding the used weak sectors. I have read that one new ‘feature’ is that Macrovision tried to blacklist Daemon Tools again… (Lucky us that the author of Daemon Tools already supplied us with a new version of Daemon Tool so the blacklisting thing is already circumvented!)


burnt The Sum of All Fears (SD2.60.52) with my 32123s XS0U, np. works in all my drives (ultraplex 40x and my good old plextor 8220…

Thats a lot of bs, it burns sd2 2.6xxx just fine, tried with the first game with it, The Italian Job, worked just fine! dont be alarmed at all, the Litey does its job as well as ever:-)

Fantastic !!! :stuck_out_tongue:

Just bought the LiteOn 40x, burned STBC at 40x (Taiyo Yuden 24x, CloneCD: 2min:50s) with ZS0G, and works in Toshiba 1502 as good as the copy made with 32123S.

did it come with ZS0G or dd u flash it>?

Also, what game isSTBC ?

I think he means Star Trek: Bridge Commander…