Bad News for Office Depot (Black Friday Posting)

I posted the following information within a “Black Friday thread” but I thought it deserved its own thread given the information. I’m sure there are loyal OD customers but it looks like Office Max is giving them some serious competition.

We Didn’t Do Our Homework November 7, 2006
Going against my gut feeling, I posted earlier about Office Depot’s $299 (after-rebate) laptop computer: I thought this was Office Depot’s attempt at flying straight. Nope, it’s pretty much border-line con.

The math broke down like this:

$579.99 + ~7.5% tax (this varies by region, I used 7.5% because I think it’s a median value) = $623.50

$623.50 - $280 in rebates = $343.50 + a free printer (including tax).

Granted, this laptop wasn’t as powerful as Walmart’s, it was still $50 cheaper and a comparable alternative. Unfortunately, to order this, you had to go to a retail Office Depot location and have a Customer Service Representative punch in the Configuration Number to order it for you. But that’s not all. Since Office Depot would be shipping to you, they were charging a near minimum $50 shipping fee. One BFAds user reported he was quoted a shipping and handling fee of $78!

The shipping fee would bring the laptop to $400, which would be after rebates and would be a lesser system than Walmart’s. I personally apologize for this over-sight and hope you accept my apologies.

In the original post I said how horrible Office Depot’s rebates were, as evident by the following sites: Ripoff Report, Reseller Ratings (1.52/10) and’s amount of users that will never shop at Office Depot again. And perhaps my favorite thing about all of this, Office Depot owns the site They are apparently aware of the mass dislike directed towards them!

Office Depot’s less than honest business tactics are not supported by We will no longer be posting any of their items or Black Friday advertisements. We suggest you look at more respectable office supply stores such as OfficeMax (whose Black Friday sale has ABSOLUTELY NO REBATES) or Staples.