Bad News for me O/Ced 48125W does not like TY 40x cdrs

I picked up some 40x cdr made by TY from cd dimensions…did a 48x burn the first disc burned with numerous unreadable errors in last 5% of 702 mg burn…first disc ever that was this bad

I am using fw VS06…

So I tried several more discs and I am getting a few errors reading with Liteon cdrw and LTD 163…on repeat eads I get different results but I am sure not getting many 100% reads on these TY…cd quality check has come up 0 errors

The results with my Liteon 40125S converted to 48125W are the same with TY and CMC rated at 40x when burning at 48x…in fact the cmc burn a few sec faster

I burned a TY disc by accident in TAO and last 5% was all unreadable…like the first disc…DAO only get a few damaged sectors on scandisc…usually less than 1%

I am finding on TY scandisc and cd quality chec kreport fewer errors with the LTD 163 dvd than with 48125W…seems my cdrw does not like this discs much…

I am wondering whether drive is bad more and more…to say the least I am disappointed


If you overburn, you’re going to get errors… try around 690MB or so. It might also just be that an OC’d 40125 doesn’t do well with overburning.

Yamaha CRW-F1 will be out in a week or two.

So is a 702 mg file consider an overburn on 700mg disc…Nero and WinOnCD 5 report the max disc space is 702 mg…

thanks I will give it a try…

BTW I just tested FW VS02 with TY 40x cdrs…and they did bad…got unreadable sectors on the disc…at 48x…

No more VS02 for me

If I’m not wrong,. 40x TY are Cyanine. You simply can’t burn cyanine cd-rs at 48x.

Anything over the rated capacity of the disc is an overburn.

I did get errors when I burnt 703MB to a TY40X… of course I didn’t drop the speed down.

Alex may be right. I always try to walk the straight and narrow when it comes to overburning, so don’t know too much about dye type and overburning. Although I’m betting its more drive related than media related.

Just for $hits and giggles, try lowering your FSB to default and see what happens. I’m thinking that maybe some of your components don’t like running a faster than spec PCI bus.

I got very good results with TDK 24X (TY)

Here is my results from the review:

My LiteOn 48x reports 0 c2-Errors when reading a 24x written TDK 24x (TY), but my Toshiba 1502 finds some errors when the same cd is read at 40x.

I get even better results with some strange unlabeled Taiyo Yuden, written at 32x. I use these ones to write AVI files mode 2 form 2.

Neither the LiteOn-writer nor the Toshiba 1502 reports any c2-errors, even when read at max speed.

I am not saying the TY are bad discs…my Liteon hates them…I thin kthe drive may have issue so I am going to try and return…it even burned erros at 40x…not TY 40x…not wasting anymore discs…

BTW I just tested FW VS02 with TY 40x cdrs…and they did bad…got unreadable sectors on the disc…at 48x…

Hmmm. Maybe I’m just having good luck, then? I bought some unlabeled 40x Taiyo Yuden discs from CD Dimensions a few weeks ago and have had no problems with burning them at 48x with my upgraded 40125S (no C2 errors and no unreadable sectors, unless they’re supposed to be there, like for Safedisc).

I had no issues with TY40X either. I just returned the drive because I got pissed I had to hunt around for media that would work on the drive. Also, I sent several emails to LO tech support and their suggestion email address… no response.

I’ve sent emails to Plex and Teac in the past. Most helpful and very responsive. I want a bit more than a finicky, fast drive.

I tried decreasing to lower fsb to make sure my o/c was not an issue…before I got the TY 40x…made zero difference…all my components have been fine for about 6mo on the O/C …including a 24 x cdrw…I know in past when I overclocked too far I got disc errors…unreadable discs…

The 40x TY are supposed to be high quality they are from cd dimensions…but MY drive seems to hate them…it must be as others are having zero problems…

Well bubba time for those three letters I think… RMA.