Bad news for LG fans



A helicopter belonging to LG Group crashed in Gangnam.

It seems LG Group intended to reduce transportation time between Seoul and other South Korean cities by carrying as many executives and employees by helicopter instead of railroad and highway. Some of the executives used helicopter once or twice a week on average in recent years.

Calling Hyundai I-Park luxury building is not entirely correct. It’s a little more expensive than average at 3 million USD. There’s no luxury life for anyone in Korea except the Supreme Leader.

Samsung’s expected to record up to US$40 billion profits out of a little over US$200 billion sales this year while LG will make less than US$1 billion profits out of a little over US$50 billion sales. About 99% of profits among the world’s smartphone manufacturers are shared between Apple and Samsung. Apple makes more profits from selling a little over 100 million iPhones than Samsung selling about 500 million mobile phones of which about 350 million are Galaxy smartphones.

All pictures are from Chosun Ilbo.