Bad news about Arcsoft Total Media Theater



It looks like Arcsoft is abandoning the market for Blu-ray playback on computers.

There is only a notice on that page that says: [I][B]This product will be no longer maintained and updated.

[/B][/I]There doesn’t seem to be any more information available at the present time, either on their site or in the Arcsoft forums. But this is a huge blow to those who use HTPC’s. Arcsoft TMT has been the best software program for playing Blu-ray by a very large margin. And with no updates for new Blu-ray encryption, this means the program will quickly become obsolete, unless you use a separate decryption program in the background, like AnyDVD HD or DVDFab Passkey for Blu-ray.


And as a side note, after a quick look, I cannot find any place on the Arcsoft site to purchase the last version of TMT 6.

Of course, they may simply be preparing a new player software, perhaps something with H265 support. But at this point in time, there is no indication of that.


Too bad if this is true…I really like it…:frowning:


I have been using TMT for along time this is truly bad news for those that have bought the program and I will not speculate why they would drop TMT.
I have an Idea why but I will not post rumors.:smiley:


What a pity, still dont know why they dropped the update for TMT, it used to be a powerful player. however, i only use VLC, its free.