Bad Nero CD speed scans: how to fix it?


Again i have read many thread and haven’t been able to fix my problem by myself.

Here are my scans:

  1. Made on my liteon 411s, no speed hack, fw FS0F, Firewire external enclosure. The Maxell 4x DVD-R (TYG01) was burned at 2x and had a great kprobe scan.

  1. Made on another DVD drive (LG), on secondary slave, UDMA2. Used the same DVD-R.

I started to make nero scans because I wanted to know why Nero didn’t allow me to burn at 4X after a speed scan prior to a burning. It seems that I have found the source of my problem, but how to fix it?

My config: ASPI 4.6, 3 Hard drives all on UDMA5: primary master, primary slave and secondary master. My drives have 8meg cache and turn at 7200RPM. My 411s lays in a firewire external enclosure. My drives are defragmented. There is no warning signs in my device manager window. Oh yeah… I have a VIA chipset mobo (kt600) and have tried many different IDE controler, including the VIA 4in1 driver, microsoft drivers… I get similar Nero speed scans every time.

Thanks in advance.


those scans are near-perfect. Don’t even bother tryin to improve them.


thanks for the reply. I thought that we should be aiming a CPU usage under 40% and a burst rate greater than what i have. Am I wrong or that doesn’t matter?

MY CPU usage when I burn at 4x flutuates between 10 and 20%. Haven’t tried to burn at 8x yet with Zmodv4, but at 4x it takes me 14:40 minutes to complete a full DVD.

All of what I see here is quite normal. A full disc at 4x takes over 14 minutes and around 8-9 minutes at 8x. Your scans look fine. Some of those little dips can be because of other things happen on your system while the scan is running.

The burst rate is what looks odd about those scans…

but notice the burst rate is fine for the 411, its the LG that’s acting up.


thanks all for replying. What’s a “burst rate”? Any ways to fix it if all my drives are already UDMA5?