Bad Motherboard Flash

Hello Cdfreaks,
I tried to flash the Bios on Asus A7V motherboard but the flash didn’t go well. Now when i turn the PC on nothing happens. Is it possible to recover from a bad flash and if possible how do i go about sorting
the problem.
P.s…I may have cleared the Cmos a s well.

Thanks in advance for any replies that may follow.

The only viable solution is to try and find another BIOS chip. If you know anyone with the same motherboard you can try a “hot swap” of the BIOS chip. The “hot swap” procedure is not for the weak of heart because you stand the possibility of messing up the other BIOS chip. There are quite a few places on the web that advertise replacement BIOS chips and you could get one pretty quickly.

Not entirely true since most BIOSes have some kind of boot block feature.
Does the floppy light up when you turn on the computer?

I think the only solution for your motherboard is a reprogrammed BIOS chip.
Check this site. They only charge 10 euros to reprogram the chip.

That guy is great. He doesn’t charge too much and I had my BIOS chip back in just 3 days (he’s located in the Netherlands, just as I am; I guess that international transport will take somewhat longer).

In addition to what Dizzy says: you might want to check your motherboard’s manual. Some boards that have these BIOS recovery feature require a certain key to be pressed in order to do a bad flash repair.

If you read his post , he says “nothing happens when he turns on the computer”. That would mean no floppy.

Thanks for all your suggestions but i think it’s completely F*****. I attempted to clear the CMOS by using a screwdriver on the soldering points
associated with the CMOS,also taking the battery out for sometime but now
when turning PC on it tries to power up for about 10 seconds and then
it power down. Looks like new MOBO/Ram/Cpu/Cooler. An expensive BAD

Modern flash utilities are very robust. Probably a wrong BIOS. Send in the MB for repair.

Sorry, but why do you need a new CPU/RAM/Cooler? Do those items get damaged by bad flashes?

As good an excuse as needed to upgrade. “Sorry dear but my computer is knackered and I need to get a new one”


How to pack your BIOS chip

Why did you flash the BIOS? Were you having problems before? There must be a reason why the BIOS flash didn’t work and that could tell you which paticular component has gone bad. Probably MB or RAM in my opinion.

This was very helpfull. (Sarcasm Off)

He sounded like he was pretty serious.

Follow the thread, from the start.

Much appreciated your input guys…the bad flash happened using ASUS Bios
flashing Utility(lastest version). It first checked and verified that the
Bios i was flashing matched my Motherboard. After flashing it tried to verify that all was ok but it couldn’t, i did have a Floppy with the Bios in the Floppy drive could that actually cause the Flash not to work?

Perhaps you know best :rolleyes: but it seems to me that if Ivanhoe cleared his CMOS following a failed flash (which works 99% of the time) and he can’t boot then there could be another problem. If so, what’s the point in sending off the BIOS for repair?

Flashing a BIOS is something that should work, but as you have found out, there are no guarantees. I’ve had 2 go bad in 18 years. Both required replacement of the BIOS chip. With my Intel boards, the BIOS flash is done online and works well.

@pipemanid: please remember everybody is trying to help here. When somebody says that nothing happens, it might still mean that something does happen, but that user doesn’t know it’s happening. Never take everything written that literal ;). And if IvanHoe wants this opportunity to get a new system: well why not… it’s his money afterall… :cool:

@Matth: what is so strange about packing an IC this way? I’d do it just like that (okay I would tape the IC to the foam, but that’s all). Many ICs come like this when you order them (at least, the ones I ever ordered did) :slight_smile:

@IvanHoe: although your system doesn’t seem to be doing anything at all, it still might be alive. A flash went wrong can cause problems like this. I’ve been there (toying around with hacked BIOS’ and powerfailure during the flash)… and I got systems fixed with a new flash.

  1. I did in the first place.
  2. Read it all again, found nothing which supports what you’re saying. Maybe you could give some quotage?