Bad Medium

I have a Lacie 16X, dual layer burner and I’m using Clone DVD 2. I have also tried burning with Roxio Easy DVD Creator 6. I have never managed to backup any DVD except the only PS2 game I tried. Somewhere between 40% & 60% of the burn process, the blank DVD is ejected and I get an error message informing me that the error was probably caused by a “bad medium”. I switched from “spindle” blanks to TDK and still have the problem. The PS2 game worked fine on the spindle disk. If anyone can help I would be eternally grateful.

You could have a program that is staring during the burn causing the error. I would start by doing a ctl alt del and stop all programs that you can stop then try the burn. Also make sure you have stopped your internet connection during the burn. I would also purchase a dvd rewrite disk to burn to until you find out what is causing the problem that way you can erase and reuse it until the problem is found. You did not say how the writer is connected but if it is external USB connection make sure you have it connected to a USB2 port. Without knowing more about your connections this is the best I can tell you at this time.

Download this free program and tell us the media codes off your disks.