Bad Media?

I have burnt some Ridata 4x DVD-R’s G04 and all of them have this big spike at the beginning of the disc. After that, they look good. :confused: Possibly anything to worry about? My other spindle I got give power calibration errors on every disc, so I know they are junk.

I would suggest that you update your drive to a 1633S fw BS0K and try burning again.
You can make the BS0K “crossflashable” with Omnipatcher or just download the ‘prepatched’ version.

Sorry, I forgot to add that I burnt them with my NEC 1300A. I also tried 2 in my Sony DRU-510A and they both scan identical. They both also have the newest firmware updates. I am just a little concerned about disc quality/longetivity with the spike at the beginning. I pulled a couple from the middle and bottom of the spindle and all are the same. I just wish they weren’t bad at the beginning. I ordered them from so they “should” be good quality.

Some of it depends on the burner you are using. Pioneer and Ritek always seem to get along the best. If you are really that concerned about longevity then why not go for the 8x Taiyo Yuden DVD-R discs from rima? I know they are a little more expensive but they aren’t really that much more.

If the spike appears on discs that are burnt with various burners, I would guess that it is most likely a bad batch.
Any readability issues? ( 3500 transfer rate up to 16X ? )

I also use the 8x TY’s from Rima. I just like something a little cheaper for other things. I have a Sony standalone that plays anything I put in it. I just don’t want to burn a whole spindle and they will be dead in 6 months because of the spike. I have had some cd-r’s go dead before and am a little more careful now. I have tried 4 or 5 now so it is probably too late too return them.