Bad media or bad drive?



When I burn 8x benq (daxon) media with my 4160, I end up getting 3 possible speeds in a seemingly random fashon:

  1. The disc will burn 6x for the first bit (0.5gb), then 8x for the rest. I think this is what’s supposed to occur.
  2. The disc will burn at 6x throughout.
  3. The disc will burn at 6x for the first 0.5gb, then 8x for about 1gig, then go back to 6x for the remainder.

#2 and #3 seem to happen equally as often. #1 is rare. Is this normal? Or is there something wrong with my drive?

On another, maybe related note, I’ve only produced one bad disc (out of about 20), that I know of. The disc reported to have written fine, but upon playing the video, it would lock up in certain places.



And one more question I forgot to ask, is it normal to see the different zones on the dye?


Writing one area at one speed and changing speed for the next is normal because the 4163B uses Z-CLV to write to different zones of the disc. This is Z-CLV


This happens to me once in a while even with Verbatim (02rg20). I suppose that the drive slows down if your computer can’t keep up with its speed.


happens to me as well. i would love to be able to just choose 6x if it would mean preserving write quality.