Bad Media? Newbie Ricohjpn r03 from memorex

EDIT: I added a scan of the same exact disc at 4x. I really dont get it? Is my lite on drive messed up? I dont have access to any other drives

I attached my cdspeed scans, i keep getting this little mound at the beginning of my media on all my scans. im using a lite on 20a1p burner, burned the media at 16x. if i do a cdspeed quality scan on any speed besides ‘Maximum’ the whole thing is pretty consistent with PI failure of about 50 or so. Whats up with that? Should i be worried about this media? or perhaps the Nero burning rom i’m using is outdated? I’m using version, should i buy the new 8.0 series? Thanks in advance

I really only trust 4x scanning on Lite-On drives. Memorex R03 is pretty solid media, a lot better than Maxell-branded RICOHJPN R03 in my experience.

I updated it with another scan at 4x if you look at the trop of this post. thanks for the help man

…That’s pretty ugly. You might want to visit the Lite-On Forum and read up on HyperTuning, and/or try some of the enhanced firmwares.

At least the recent LiteOns are known to have a problem with scanning at 16x/MAX that makes all those errors at the beginning of the scan incorrectly appear.
Edit: You could’ve gotten a lemon for a scanner or the media but messing around with Smartburn settings can’t hurt.