Bad media lot?

Wanted to see just how “common” this is…

Had been buying Prodisc+8X from one supplier and as a rule, it was rock solid, having burned over 600…decided to switch suppliers when I saw a good price point and the first pack I broke open has given me a LOT of headaches…with a lot of freezes…I’ve done NO hardware software changes between the two purchases and checked between the two lots…they read the same product…

Wondering if this new media is just maybe a bad dye lot…or?


It was most likely a bad batch of discs you got. Sometimes you get unlucky, I would stick to the supplier that you know, but that doesn’t always guarantee perfect results.

Try your luck and see if the retailer will have them returned, there’s nothing to lose!:slight_smile:


I am not sure if prodisk does it but some companies produce first grade and second grade media (and sell the second grade stuff cheaper). You have to be carfull what brands (or supliers if it is generic or oem) that you get from. It could of course be a bad batch too.