Bad Media Jokes :)

Just realised I intended this post for Blank Media General Forum maybe a mod will move it Thanks.

:slight_smile: LOL Don’t pardon my Thread title pun :slight_smile:

Memorex is like a lady of the street selling services and proclaiming condom’s not necessary :slight_smile: LOL

Feel free, be inventive, let that pent up artistic energy flow or just take a good jab at the bad media you have suffered.

Some Media-ethnic cleansing my be tollerated but you will have your post deleted if it humiliates, disgraces, put’s down, show’s up, humbles, debase’s, embarrass’s, dishonor’s, discredits, ignominify’s, disrepute’s, shame’s, or makes Taiyo Yuden look like a fool. :a

There are rules everywhere live with it!

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Bulkpaq is the rotten odorous mush you have to scrape off your shoe before it gets into the carpet :stuck_out_tongue:

Anybody who visits Blank Media regularly (I’m in there every day) will remember the “sniffing discs” episode :bigsmile:

CK TY - for him, and for her :bigsmile:

I’ll try and dig up a link :bigsmile:

Interesting post the link when you find it :slight_smile:

Post #35 onwards, although it got silly at the end. :slight_smile:

I can’t help but notice that your post was one of the first non-serious OT posts :iagree:

Cheers to the Amo de O.T., & the three foot snake! Bottoms Up!

What can I say…this was before I decided to behave myself - although it still happens on occasion :bigsmile:

Oh God, I remember the three foot snake thing :o

how about this;

**** ********** *********** ******* ***** ******** ****** ** *** ***** ******* ****** ******** ********* ******* ******** ********* verbatim *********** ************ ********* **** butter ***** ********* ********* ** orange juice **** ******* ****** ***** horse ******** ********* ******* ***********

and the cdfreaks moderator waited for the longest time… and then posted "that was the most spectacular thing i have ever seen, what do you call it? and arachne said “the aristocrats”.

A portuguese breakfast?

3000 posts under your belt in 5 months & you are behaving yourself? I foresee Arachne becoming the CDFreaks Grand Supreme Overlord by the end of the year :wink:

Of course, those occasions when you don’t behave yourself are few & far between, right? :wink:

LOL :bigsmile:

But of course…ah heck, who am I fooling :sad: :bigsmile:

3000 posts…awww man, that’s shameful, I hadn’t noticed :eek: - but then, I never could shut up - like most women, according to you guys :bigsmile:

Rabbit,rabbit,rabbit addon adinfinitem.Blah blah :iagree: :iagree: :iagree:
If I hold back my sig Arachne will never know this was me,
Agh! wrong button :bigsmile:

Yeah right, I’d know your posts anywhere, sig or no. :stuck_out_tongue:

Be careful that Datawrite threat still stands. And if you still don’t behave, I might make you burn some G05s for good measure. :bigsmile:

Edit: and talking of post counts, [b]haveacigar[/B] has over 1,000 in about a month :eek::eek:

Damn! That doesn’t leave much time for the essentials … eg:sex.

Maybe he considers posting better than sex. It explains the cigar :stuck_out_tongue:

OMFG! He’s posted right after me often!

I feel so dirty now…
I’m off to have a shower, scrub the top few layers of my skin off & burn my clothes.

what about geno? he averages 45 posts a day

LMAO @ you guys :bigsmile:

yup… i didnt have a job for a while so i thought id try and learn a little more about computers… so i posted quite alot every day, but now i have a job, my post count will slow down :wink:

[B]@arachne:[/B] you and that edit button :bigsmile:

Best place to learn, IMO :iagree:

I have no job :sad:

I love my Edit button :flower:

Yeah, but he has an excuse. He’s ayetalian :wink:

I have a job & I still post this much :stuck_out_tongue: