Bad media + good writer, or good media + bad writer?



First off, in the context of “good” or “bad” here, I’m talking about data reliability…that you can come back to your DVD after burning it years later and still have the data intact. So I hope I didn’t offend any brand fans with my title! :slight_smile:

From what I’ve read, Pioneer drives apparently do better on bad media than other drives. LiteOns are supposedly more sensitive to media quality (I have a LiteOn SOHW-812S that is a frisbee factory with CMC Magnetics/Prodisc dyes).

Do you think the more economical option would be to go for a Pioneer drive with cheap media? Or a LiteOn with more expensive media?

I want the burnt DVDs to still work after some time. Will cheap discs burnt even with the best writer degrade over time?


Then why on earth don’t you use good media AND good burner :confused:
With cheap discs, you can be lucky or unlucky (just as with expensive ones :wink: ). I think you cannot make generalizations with regard to longevity of cheap media, it strongly depends if your writer can burn them well. If it does, well some media will last, some won’t - you can find examples of cheap media that last 5+ years, others will be dead in a month. Why not use quality media from the beginning, they are hardly more expensive than cheap crap media?


Hmm, from what I’ve seem good DVDs (e.g. unbranded 100 pack Taiyo Yuden’s from can cost £0.50 per discs, cheap ones £0.10 per disc.



Buy, if you can




If you are concerned about cost of media, consider how much it costs when a disc fails. Doesn’t matter what drive you have, cheap media will still fail. It may fail less often or take longer if burned well, but it will still fail eventually.

In any case, the 812 is not famous for quality burns on most media and it would be worthwhile replacing it with an NEC or LG. (cheaper than a Pioneer).


BenQ and NEC drives are even better than Pioneer when come to crappy media and they cost less than Pioneer Drive. But regardless of what drives you have, never go cheap on media. The only time I buy cheap media is when I burn for the classmates


OK, thanks guys. I decided to buy some Taiyo Yuden Fuji 8x DVD+Rs as suggested by Bjproc and Rambaud in another thread.

rdgrimes you’re 100% right, as I backup my files using a rar archive burnt on a string of discs, if one fails I’m completely stuffed. Might as well throw all the other discs away then as well.

I may consider buying an NEC/Benq/Pioneer drive at a later date. I actually bought the LiteOn DVD burner because of LiteOn’s reputation for being good vs. copy protections. But AFAIK it isn’t possible to make working backups of protected DVDs and I’ve always ended up resorting to emulation anyway.


It’s probably after the fact, but really the price of good DVD writers has dropped so much that you can get a decent drive for a rather low price. BenQ 1620/1640 or LG GSA-4163B drives are quite cheap and burn well with most media. Might be worth considering in the future.


Just make sure you burn those TY @ 8x as they may or may not burn well any faster (If you are buying them from aprmedia in the UK that is).