BAD Media Error... I've done everything PLEASE HELP

Ohhh god, I hope you guys can help me…

I’ve been burning Dvd with CloneDvd2 and everything was ALWAYS fine… Then all of a sudden (I don’t know what I did…) I started getting the error “Write… Bad Media”

It doesnt even get to 1% and this happens! I have wasted about 20 dvd now… I try changing from Sony, Maxell, TDK and Verbatin… I ALWAYS get this same thing… I tried burning with Nero and some other software and nothing worked…

I use DvdShrink to put the video_ts file in a file then CloneDvd2 to burn them on the dvd…

I try using easy dvd shrink and some other software but again, no luck. I even formatted my pc and the first dvd I tried worked and then the next one, same error again!

I installed my friend’s dvd burner and still get the same error… so it’s not my burner…

Honestly i am starting to go crazy… I was thinking of buying a new DVD burner, external to use my laptop instead but as I paid 200$ for that one and I know it’s fine… I would like to make it work again.

If someone send me both the Dvd shrink he uses and the CloneDvd2 he uses, then if I format my pc again and install them, it should work shouldn’t it?!
Oh i also have AnyDvD running in the back all the time…

I know it has been discussed many times and I read everything, and tried everything (to my mind…) and nothing is working…

Thanks for you help!!!

Hiya Jennifer

For the latest versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 just visit that way you know you are getting the real deal.

Also if you have AnyDVD and CloneDVD2, you don’t need to use shrink - CloneDVD2, will do eveything for you.

Normally this type of error is down to media - but as you said you have tried numerous brands, so that may rule that out.

It could be a problem with your motherboard or IDE drivers. Is the writer connected onto it’s own IDE channel? Especially as you have tried a different writer in you machine and replicated the same problem.

Another thing to check is do you have any packet writing software installed? If so, uninstall that.

One last thing to check is that the burner doesn’t share a power connection with anything else - make sure it has it’s own connection to your power supply.

Try the above and post how you get on.

@ JennDr,

Perchance could you provide the Manufacture Name/Model Number/Firmware Version of your DVD Burner?

Suggest using DVDInfo ( to obtain the above requested information of your DVD Burner. DVDInfo ( is a free diagnostic tool.

Also suggest checking that IDE channels DMA Mode is set up correctly. Below is a link that provides information on how to check this.

Best Regards,

Ohhh my thank you so much for helping me… I hope we can find a way to make everything work again…

So here is the info requested…

My burner is : LG - HL-DT-ST DVDRAM GSA-4081B and I install the latest firmware…

As for Shrink Dvd, i won’t use it anymore if i ever get clonedvd to work again…
It is def. not the media as I tried many and always get the same error…

Now regarding the motherboard, is it possible that it was working fine and all of a sudden it stops, because of the motherboard?!

To be honest, I don’t really know what a IDE channel is nor DMA Mode… and Packet Writting software &! :rolleyes:

I will tell you what i know… My burner was connected with my cd writer to one slot on the motherboard… I took this out. Now i just have the burner connected to the motherboard.

I have 2 hard drive which are connected together to the other slot on the motherboard.

I’m going to work now but will check all night to see if you replied…
I will now burn all my data (yes data burning works fine on any of the dvd i have (verbatin, tdk, maxell…!)) and I will format everything and reinstall as new… Please if you could tell me exactly how you guys are connected and what program you use, with the exact same version, i will try that… if nothing work again… then… oh well!

ps. if i can manage to fix everything with your help guys… :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow: :bow:

If you had a cd writer on the same chanell as your dvd writer, it may be worth making sure that it is set as master on the jumper settings on the back of the drive.

The fact that you can burn data would show that your writer must be working fine. (as long as it is DVD’s you are burning to, not cd’s)

If you are doing a clean install (by the way, what OS are you using?) - just install the OS and then AnyDVD and CloneDVD, and try a burn.

Packet writing software are things like Nero InCD, Direct CD, Sony abCD & DLA to name but a few. I have had nothing but problems with this type of software, going back years - even in the days before DVD’s!!

Also, just to let you know, I am using AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 - just backed up 2 moves today (The Last Horror Movie and Man of the House) and they worked fine.

@ JennDr,

OK- I understand that manufacture of your DVD Burner is LG and it is a model number GSA-4081B but you fail to provide the firmware version of your DVD Burner. The firmware should look something like A101, or A104 or possibly A106. What is the current version number of your DVD Burner?

Concerning IDE DMA setting. It is important to ensure that your IDE channels are correctly set to the DMA Mode. The reference link ( provides detailed information on exactly how to set up your IDE channels to the DMA Mode. This guide provides easy to follow sep by set graphic pictures to guide you through the procedures.

Concerning UDF packet writing software applications. The flowing are examples of packet writing software programs –Drag-To-Disc, Direct CD, InCD, DLA (Drive Letter Access), CE Quadrat Just!Burn, File CD, Sony abCD, InstantWrite, Backup4all, B’s CliP, NeoClip. Packet writing software applications are very problematic, cause numerous conflict errors, and frankly don’t work as advertised. Olli, the author of CloneDVD and CloneCD, though out the CloneDVD/AnyDVD/CLoneCD Forums have requested that Forum Members reporting problems similar to yours to remove any and all UDF packet writing software applications from their systems.

Items that have proved to be problematic when running in the background while Burning a DVD are some Anti-Virus Programs, Musicmatch Jukebox, Peer-To-Peer File Sharing Programs, and Surfing the Internet. Burning a DVD is a demanding task and it is just wise and prudent not to be multi-tasking when Burning a DVD.

Also as Forum Member abrown15 reports I am using SlySoft ( AnyDVD v5.4.1.1 and ClonDVD v2.8.5.1 with out any problems.

Best Regards,

Thank you again…

I have Windows XP fam in french.

I am now formatting the pc and will install win xp as well as the right driver for videocard, audio & dvd burner.

I will run windows update and then shut internet to make sure nothing happens… (we never know) and install AnyDVD and CloneDVD2 just like you…

It is also set as master & I do burn data DVD so therefore it’s not the burner…

If you think about anything else I should do after formatting please let me know…
Thank you again so much!

Ps. If by tomorrow it still isn’t working, I am thinking of buying an external burner to use with my laptop. Which one of those do you think is best?

Sony DRX-800UL Double Layer 16X External DVD+/-RW Drive
Benq EW162I 16X DVD+/-RW Dual Layer External Drive
HP 640CE Double Layer DVD-RW External Drive With LightScribe

@ JennDr,

Unless you have money to burn/throw away I won’t buy anything. You have stated that previously that your current DVD Burner worked properly. It is simply identifying why your DVD Burner is not currently performing in that manner that it was before. Until you identify what the current problem is there is absolutely no guarantee that a new DVD Burner will work correctly.

Strongly suggest that you review the information on correctly setting up your IDE DMA Mode and ensure that your IDE Channels are in the DMA Mode ( If you don’t no matter how often you reformat and re-install an operating system your IDE Channels will not be performing to their maximum potential.

Perchance can provide the current firmware version that is installed in your LG GSA-4081B DVD Burner.

Best Regards,

Thanks alot BJKG !

The firmware I have is the 104 you mentionned. I think its the latest one isnt it?

Now that I formatted, i will install the same Clonedvd and anydvd that you use as well as the latest firmware.

I wont install anything else and shut down everything else before burning, even internet.

I check and i am on the right DMA mode like it shows on the graphic. My burner is set to master.

Should I install the trial version of Clone DVD or … a complete one ? … Is it possible that one i downloaded from lets say limewire would cause problem?

Thank you again very much… look forward to burn again!

Sorry again!

I was just thinking at the moment if it would be possible for one of you to send me the clonedvd2 you are using… so that i have the exact same…

Or if you can tell me where to get it or if i should just get the trial…


@ JennDr,

Please visit SlySoft ( and ONLY use official SlySoft software programs downloaded directly from the software manufacture. There is never any reason to use SlySoft software programs download from any other place.

Also visit the CD Freaks LG DVD Burner Forum ( and acquire the latest LG-4081B firmware. The newest LG-4081B firmware I saw there was version A106 which is newer that your A104 firmware. You always want to be using the latest DVD firmware available. Suggest viewing the CD Freaks LG DVD Burner “Read First” posted in the very beginning of the Forum.

Best Regards,

go to and go to down load,.after each section you must restart your computer.that will be the latest virsion…now,this will only be the 21day trial,if you want to purchase,click purchase and follow the steps…its real easy, if can do firmwear, im sure that you can do this…first anydvd,then clonedvd2 getting it for free Theres no real way for them to send it to you,well,there is. but it wouldnt be fare to all who pay for it…its cheap and for what you get and its good,…good info and free updates.and tech you get to ask bjkg,he seems to know alot and isnt as cockassed as the rest…one major thing though,…make a backup copy of your keys befor you down load ,once you use them there no good…trust me, there a pain in the ass to get back…youll have to beg and take a royal ass chewing…(not fun they make you feel stupid) so on that note good luck thats all the help i can offer ask bjkg for better assistance… :iagree:

allright thanks alot =)

i will download anydvd and clonedvd2 from slysoft and after 21 day purchase.

i didnt quite get what you meant by make a backup copy of your keys before you download?!?!?

What the person helping you was referring to is the registration keys that you receive when you purchase the program.

You will get one for each program that you purchased. In this case, one for AnyDVD and one for CloneDVD2. These keys will unlock the demo version to the full version.

If you are trying out these programs, then you will not need to worry about the keys. But if you have or plan on purchasing the programs, you need to make a backup copy of these keys in case you have to reinstall the programs.

Hope that helps.

Guys… i am gonna :sad: !

I have formatted my pc and installed windows xp…

I JUST installed the driver for the video card and for my dvd burner.
I downloaded the latest firmware A106 and upgraded my burner with success.

I also did all the windows update and register my windows and all…

I installed AnyDvd, newest version from slysoft & restarted.
I installed CloneDvd2, newest version from slysoft & restarted.

Now I was ready for the burn! I open CloneDvd, open my VIDEO_TS file from movie OCEAN ELEVEN (that’s not the newest on earth!)

Guess what???

Not even 1% burned and the (&(@&#&? “WRITE ERROR… BAD MEDIA”

I just feel like giving up now… I don’t know what else I can do !!!

Anyway… Thank you very much for all your help and for trying to resolve this stupid mystery with me :rolleyes: :rolleyes: :frowning:

what i have recently discoverd in my dvd nightmare is you do get bad media,try a differ brand, you may have a bad batch…sorry about the lack of info on the keys…ii work fourteen hour days i get alittle punchdrunk… :frowning:

Hey run your movies under warm water to clean it but please dont wipe dry!!! use a lint free cloth wipe and pad dry and dont use soap!!! just water… you may want to clean the dvd burner with a head cleaner it wouldnt hurt? BUT JUST USE YOUR FINGERS AND GENTLY WIPE THE BACK OF DVD under the water …no rags no cloths, the reason is that little scratches can occure… :iagree:

Looking through the above posts, you have eliminated most things - you have done a clean windows install, you have the lastest firmware and versions of AnyDVD and CloneDVD2. You have tried a different burner and changed your media. You say you are able to burn data onto DVD’s - can you confirm this again, just in case I have picked it up wrong.

I didn’t think there was a difference in how data or a movie was burned (after all it is still data) but I could be wrong there.

My gut feeling is it could be a power supply or motherboard problem - but that is just a gut feeling. It might be worth downloading something like Speed Fan - to see what the voltages on your PC are.

I am sure there must be someone out there, who has a better clue on how to solve this…

Okay… well guys I will try that today…

Yes I did all you said and was able to burn data.

I tried Maxell (which worked perfectly before), TDK, Sony, Verbatin… nothing works so its not the brand as I tried it on my dad’s DVD burner (for TV) and it works fine…

Honestly, I am think of buying this External Sony burner, I would be able to use it with my Laptop (IBM thinkpad) so I can leave my other pc alone…? What do you think?

Ohh… well