Bad LG GE24 enclosure creating bad burns?

I used to burn CD-R’s on a MacBook Pro that came with a built-in burner, one of the last models to have one, but the computer is so old that it can no longer update any software.

My newer MacBook has no optical drive, so I had to get one for it. I got an enclosure from a LG GE24 External DVD drive that was never used - the burner was supposedly new and the box unopened, and a friend only wanted the drive itself so he gave me the enclosure.

I tried using a LiteOn drive with it, but when I burned a CD-R, it sounded terrible on my stereo and DVD player. It makes that distorted crunching sound an old, failing CD-R will make. I thought the LiteOn drive was going bad, so I bought a brand-new Plextor and replaced it. No improvement. I thought maybe the media was the problem, so I went through several brands, and they ALL had the same problem.

So just for the hell of it, I went back to the old MacBook Pro and tried burning test discs using every brand of CD-R media that I bought, and lo and behold, they all played fine with no problems, no distortion, etc.

As another test, I tried attaching the enclosure/Plextor drive to the old MacBook and managed to burn a CD-R - the problems re-appeared, a horrible sounding CD-R that sounds like it’s failing.

Is it possible the enclosure itself is causing this problem? I never heard of that happening before, and since it was supposedly brand new I didn’t think it would be a problem.

I wish I could continue using my old MacBook but it’s really too old - like it’s actually prone to crashing and it did so during one burn. I’m wondering if I should buy a Mac SuperDrive if it’s as good as the old built-in drives?

I don´t think the enclosure causes this problems. The problems I know from external drives are connect-problems like disconneting while using or a low data transfer speed.

Which speeds do you use for burning? Which media exactly?

Which are the burner models you use?

I think actual drives have a very low priority for CD-burning, while old DVD-writers can burn 48x on many CD-R-media some actual drives only support 16x for all CD-R-media. This looks like an universal writing strategy for all CD-Rs.

The only drives which seems not to be so bad for CD-R are Pioneers BD-writers.

I´m not sure what drives Apple use, but the only actual manufacturers now are:

LiteOn (DVD-drives only)
Pioneer (BD-drives only)

So one of these manufacturers make the SuperDrives

But maybe some Slim-Drives can do better than the Half Height, but I´m not the Profi for CD-R because I burn very rarely CD-R

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I always use the lowest speed possible, “1x” on Roxio which actually translates to roughly 7 or 8x for CD-R - still much lower than the 48x option that’s given.

I went from HiDisc Taido Yuden and Verbatim DataLifePlus manufactured before 2019 (before CMC bought them) to Verbatims purchased this month to CMC Pro (Taido Yuden). The burners in the enclosure were originally a lightly used LiteOn (don’t have the model but it was a DVD burner) to a brand-new Plextor PX-891SAF-PLUS. I believe the burner that was built into the old MacBook Pro is supposed to be a LiteOn.

Interesting that a BD-writer might do better than a DVD writer for CD’s. I don’t burn BD’s or even DVD’s so at the moment I was hoping I wouldn’t have to spring for something that has price-raising options I wouldn’t use. I generally have done only CD-R’s simply for playback of music on my stereo. (I still prefer it doing it that way than a direct feed from say a laptop or flash drive to a player or the stereo - for various reasons, I don’t like what results from that.)

The enclosures have different chips in them.
Some work better than others.
Here is a link to several topics on this:

A new drive that makes bad sounds is a good indication.

It may even be that the LG GE24 External enclosure was proprietary to the original drive.

I have a Vantec Nexstar DX that seems to work well for most writes with the drive I have in it. It is a BD drive . LG WH16NS40 .

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Some burn softwares have the possibility to select speeds which are non supported by the drives, so the drives ignore it and uses instead of the selected 1x speed 16x.

It could be some Bridge-chips in the enclosures work different well with drives, I made this experience also, but not in the burn-quality