Bad image file?

Hi, I just made an image of my game (purely for backup purposes of course) but when I load it to my virtual drive it doesnt 100% work. THe disk pops up like it is there, the autoplay window comes up, but when I click install nothing happens. I have discovered that the setup.exe does in fact run, but then nothing happens and it just stays in the taskmanager list until i end the process. Does this mean that if I burn the image the same will happen to the physical disk?

The game is Icewind Dale in .mds/.mdf format (CD1 of course) and according to the protection is Laserlock. I’m using Alcohol 120 and I have no idea what is wrong because nothing actually happens. I’d rather have an error msg so I would at least know what the prob was.

thnx guys

If the mounted image of an old laserlock protected game doesn’t even work well enough to install the game then it’s a bad image. It certainly won’t work if burnt to a blank cd either.

In short, make afresh image of your original disc and try again.