Bad IFO File

Is there anyway to fix a bad IFO file? Im trying to burn a disc and it says the IFO is missing. How could the data have been put on the disc if the file was missing? It would error and not burn. So, how can I get the disc to burn? It says it cant load the IFO file when I do a startup to burn.

If you have the same file as a .bup file, then you can simple copy that one over as the missing .ifo file.

i.e. VTS_01_0.IFO is missing, then use VTS_01_0.BUP

the BUP file is the backup file of a IFO file.

How do I do that? HELP!!!

It looks like the BUP file is 0kb too. How can the file just disappear off the disc? I have played this disc before!

Make a copy of the .bup file and rename it to .ifo.

Do you have the files on your hard disk? What program did you use to transfer the DVD files to your hard disk if you have them there?

What is the name of the DVD?

I cant even get the dvd to load to play. Its on a disc, not my hard drive.

I dont know how to make a copy of just 1 file…sorry

Put the disc in your pc drive, right click and tick explorer, open VIDEO_TS folder, and either post a screenshot of files or let us know the contents…here’s a typical VIDEO_TS folders contents’
Granted this is just a 1.81Gig video…

I have never done a screen shot before so im an idiot.

For SS, pess CTRL,ALT,PrtSc keys simultaneousnessly on KeyBoard…Now open Paint or similar proggy and paste,save as PNG image…when you post back attach your PNG file…

[QUOTE=Singerjohn;2079252]I have never done a screen shot before so im an idiot.[/QUOTE]

Hey Singerjohn welcome to CDFreaks :iagree:

Don’t be so ruff on yourself I played with computers for at least 2 years before i figured out how to do it.
Just follow tOnee1 instructions and you will be fine.


I cant get it right, but the IFO and BUP files show 0KB

Im thinking the files are dead

[QUOTE=Singerjohn;2079264]I cant get it right, but the IFO and BUP files show 0KB[/QUOTE]

Try downloading the printscreen software, it’s a trial but it can work to get this done


Im giving up. If the backup file shows 0KB, then im convinced the file is empty

Are there VOB files on disc? click on one and see if it plays…
I assume you can see the contents of disc right?
What are the contents,since you can’t post a SS…

VTS and VLB files, but not VOB

I may be wrong but i think those are Mac files, you can try these applic to read the disc.

Handbrake (free)
MPEG Streamclip (free)
VisualHub ($$$)


Find 'em at

Well the google god says this about VLB files…

What proggy are you using to burn? I’m not familiar with VLB files,so maybe burn as data…perhaps someone else can jump in and help…
And remember google is your buddy too…

I think I got it fixed to burn a replacement DVD. I was able to open the VLC player files and individually move them to Nero My Disc and analyze them and burn them. Im in the process of burning the backup. I think it may work. Thanks for all of everyones help!