Bad Ideas

More bad ideas as they come! Images coming soon!

I live in Massachusetts where fireworks are illegal :a :cop:

So if your state has decided to ban fireworks here are some fun ways to celebrate the 4th!

3 spray paint cans; red, white and blue
9 Cans of Engine Starter Fluid
1 Rifle/Pistol (preferably with scope)
2 Fire Extinguishers
9 road flares
1 roll of duct tape
1 Homemade Catapult
1 BIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIG open space, preferably concrete. Sand or dirt will suffice.

Activity #1
Patriot Drum
Take 3 flares and duct tape them so that they form a triangle ex.

Duct tape them towards the bottom about 3/4’s the way down.
Next duct tape the red white and blue spray paint cans to the flares like this

Now set off all 3 flares very quickly and place them in a receptacle, a metal drum or a discarded washing machine/ dryer/ refrigerator works well!


After a loud noise AND the flares go out, go back and check out your patriotic drum/ washing machine/ dryer/ refrigerator!

Activity #2
Ground Fireworks
First take a can of starter fluid then duct tape it to a flare, you can either duct tape the whole length of the flare (haven’t tried yet) or just the bottom quarter (tried, works)

Now start the flare and place it in an OPEN area, makes a lot of fire.


Noise is loud, fireball is at least 15’ high (some have told me 30’, I think it’s a bit of a stretch) good fun for all!

Activity #3
You need a gun for this, I don’t know if I would recommend this one, I haven’t tried it and you need to be at least a decent shot.

Take the starter fluid and place it within the catapult, when shooter is ready have the catapult fire the fluid like a clay pigeon

Take aim and fire, should make a rain of fire.

I wouldn’t try #3 if I were you.

Activity #4
The Works Bomb!
(Thanks to ckin2001 for reminding me of a classic!)
You’ll need a bottle of “The Works” toilet bowl cleaner, an empty 2 liter bottle (usually consumed at the test site :)), tin foil and of course duct tape.

Fill the bottle with the works and add the tinfoil. Duct tape the cap on and hurl your little pressure bomb end over end!

Makes a loud noise good for scaring the crap out of that neighbor you hate or setting off car alarms :bigsmile: ) .

There you have it! 3(+1) stupid things that none of you should do but more than likely will.

we usually make werks bombs to throw at each other during the annual bottle rocket fight.

Bottle rocket fight, eh? There’s a good idea if I’ve ever heard one.

Fireworks illegal? What kind of sissy law is that?
You’re talking about rockets and stuff that goes to the air right?
Firecrackers are illegal in Sweden, but not in Norway, and Norway is like not far :slight_smile:

Fireworks roxx (and boooms) :bigsmile:

Hey its Mass. we have plenty of stupid laws like the fireworks and also the knives can not exceed 3" law!

I’ve had a rocket fall over and fire at me (dived out the way so I wasn’t injured) and I still like to go to fireworks displays. :bigsmile:

we’ve been setting them off for the past 4 nights. Ive only gotten burned once. By a mortar that i was holding instead of lighting and runnning. An ember got on my hand, no big deal. It didn’t slow me down.

We also got a friend’s mailbox with a 1000 strand of firecrackers at 3 in the morning. It was lots of fun.

Then we got another friends house with a 25 shot box of those little rocketa that shoot off. Put it right next to his window.:bigsmile:

Then i had a firecracker go off in my hand. That hurt kind of bad but the feeling returned to my fingers.

Fireworks are illegal within the city limits, but not the whole state. You simply have to got to a big open field out of the city.

We also were grenading mortars and m-60’s at stuff, but now my supply is depleted. And im not gonna have money to buy anymore.:frowning:

Well at least im still alive.:cool:

Originally posted by Bloodstar007
Bottle rocket fight, eh? There’s a good idea if I’ve ever heard one.

a good tip is to put things in your pockets, and wear gloves. a friend wouldve got burned badly, but the rocket hit his cell fone, and all he had was a hole in his jeans. of course, when you are using beer bottles / pop cans to aim, gloves are a must.