Bad gaming habit



Hey guys,
I can be a very aggressive gamer @ times, and have got a bad habit of hitting the side of my tower. Its made worse cos where is hitting is near (kinda) to where my HDD is mounted. I really have been trying to stop but im worried that I may have damaged my HDD. What can I do to see if I have damaged my HDD permanently?



Check for the bad sectors with soft like Norton.


start -> run -> cmd
chkdsk X: /r (where X: is the letter of your hdd)
shutdown -r -t 00

hdd will be checked before the next windows-boot


If you want to do very thorough checking of your harddisks, a software tool like MaxBlast from Maxtor can help you. This software is somewhat limited (to certain IDE controllers etc).

Personally I prefer the Linux way of checking harddrives for errors. This relaly works awesome, but it takes a lot of times (more than 24 hours for checking a drive is quite normal) and it destroys all information on the harddrive. If you want to know how, let me know, but I figure you don’t :slight_smile:


Il look into the maxtor way, and yeah post the stuff about the linux checking… could be usefull :bigsmile: