Bad frames

hi,having a bit of trouble,been trying to convert a divx film.when i play it on a divx player it plays like a dreams,however when i scan it through virtual dub it tells me that there are a few bad frames and a few undecodale frames(even though i’ve tried to locate these frames i have yet to find where they are)anyway i carry on regardless and convert the film.then when i play it again the picture distorts and when it 's o.k again(after a couple of seconds)the audio is out by about 2 seconds. this because of the bad frames?
2.if so how can i locate them?
3.can i fix them,or do i have to remove them?
4.and finally,if i remove them will it affect the film?

sorry if i’ve gone on a bit but these are problems that are bugging me like hell,if anyone can help it would be much appreciated:bow:

Try running the AVI through DivFix and DivXRepair to fix the problems. DivFix can even remove the bad frames. And yes the audio sync problem is 99% sure to be from the bad frames.

i have tried divfix and divx repair these seem to work fine at first as i managed to repair and convert a couple of films.Now they no longer seem to work,it doesn’t matter how many films i put through them(after scanning them for bad frames in virtualdub)most of them have bad frames as virtualdub crashes half way through the process.This is starting to become a bit of a headache as it doesn’t matter how many forums i go to i can’t seem to find the answers.i have even changed from dvd2svcd to tmpg but it makes no difference.i know roughly what i am doing but these little problems keep cropping up:

1.virtual dub crashes when i scan for errors,even if i use vdmp3,and iit won’t let me save the error log

2.divx repair crashes at the same point as virtualdub and also won’t let me save error log

3.tmpg will not encode a film if i’ve put it through divfix

4.if i finally manage to complete the above tasks and delete or mask the bad frames it still manages to throw the audio out

These questions are becoming mindnumbing(a bit like my post)but as i have achieved to convert films before i cannot understand why these problems are turning up now and i am finding it extremely difficult to sort them out.

i hope someone has the answers
thanx in advance :bow: :confused:

Unfortunately conversions of DivX to mpeg1/2 seam to be plauged with problems. There also seams to be an every supply of crappy made divx’s for some reason that I cannot really work out why.

Before I was even aware of DivFix, I use to use Nandub to fix my avi’s. Load the avi in, go to Options/Preferences/AVI and tick the “Ignore errors from shitty input decompressors”. I would then set compression to Divx 5, pick a bitrate 20% higher than the original, then hit Save AVI. Then that tends to encode okay but with warts and all. If the bad frames etc are really bad then just cut the avi from start to just before the problem. Then cut off just past the problem to the end. Join the 2 pieces back to gether and encode. If lip sync is out, have a read in the Tutorial section on how to do it.