Bad flashing

I have khypermedia dvdrw kdvrw8x, it’s banq DW800A. I was able to flash drive with BenQ DW822A firmware B3JC and drive work fine. I try to flash with newest firmware B3lc-2 and everything goes fine , but after rebooting system freez and i can doing anything till i don’t unhook dvdrw.
Is any chance that i can fix this.

Have you tried rebooting in “safemode”?

Try re-plugging in the drive after you boot into windows and see if windows detects it. If so, you can try reflashing with the firmware the worked.

i can’t come to windows, i tried last know good konfiguration …, i tried safe mode but always system freez in some moment. But in dos you can see drive

I believe The Dangerous Brothers web site Here has a DOS flasher for BenQ, you may have to do some reading but it might help you out. Good Luck.:slight_smile:

If you can’t enter windoze anymore than this site might help you out.
You will find a doze flasher and firmware for your needs.

But first, make a search here for BENQCVT.EXE and read all you can about it because if you fail, your drive will end into paperweight.

Edit. Beaten by crossg by a second … :doh:

I could be wrong, I can’t recall for sure - you might need to go from B3JC to B3KC then to B3LC. I think that may be the case with your drive (I have the same drive and I think that is necessary for it but I can’t recall as it’s been a long time since my last firmware upgrade.).

I fix it, i don’t know whats happend but something make my windows bad, i reinstal windows and drive start to work

I’ve actually heard quite a few problems from users of 800 drives after going to B3LC. I’ve advised most to not go any further than B3KC.