Bad Flashed Acer/benq Drive Please Help



I Have Acer 650p Cd Drive That Got Flashed With Wrong Flimware Now Lite On Front Stays On And Bios Doesn’t See Drive. I Have Gone To Beng Web Site To Get Correct Filmware But The File Is A .exe File Not A .bin File Mtkflash Still See’s Drives Filmware. Does Anyone Have Bin File To Reflash Drive? Thanks


O.K Is it a benq or a littie?
and what one?


Sorry for slow responce got tired and crashed. On the drive it says acer Model #650p_072. when i searched acer web sight for filmware for this drive it sent me to Beng web site, but all there filmware is in a exe file. what did you mean by littie?


You will have to look at the drive and read the label on top.
little is a Lite-On drive, I was not sure the one you had, they both appear a lot of placeses.


On the label on top of cdrom it says Acer the model # is 650p_072 mfg date of august 1999 the serial # 99b031107293578794pcm00 Then there are some more numbers in the far right lower corner of label that reads M-D05FD and right uder this number is 50FT. I need flimware.bin file for this drive. when I searched acer website they send you to benq website but all there filmware files are .exe files that the drive they are used on have to be reconized by bios at boot up, which mine will not do. Bruce said this might be lite on drive but I am not sure? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Joe


Buy a new drive - this is a lost case.


Yea you can buy a dvd multi for 50 bucks or less that drive is best replaced