Bad flash


I have a LITE ON 32125W which I tried to overclock yesterday. Now First I wanted to save the resident wbs4 firmware but encountered the problem that my floppy was full. Then I retried but stuped me typed something wrong so it started to upload the partly downloaded wbs4.bin file and know the drive is dead. Bios doesn’t recognise it and the green led keeps on burning.
The drive is configured as secondary slave.
I can only download the firmware as an executable file and not as a bin file. I have the litefirm2 software to make a bin file out of the executable but don’t know how to use this. If someone has the bin files for 32125W, 40125W and 48125W and tells me how I should recover let me know or send a mail to


Here’s something that might assist in solving your current trouble :

Bad-flash-recovered LiteOns

The files & stuff

:slight_smile: Hey thanx pal. I allready was on the URL you mention but thought the executables here were the same as the ones on lite on’s own site. My drive works again and I can start overclocking.



Sure ! :wink:

Regards ! :smiley:


I installed vs08.bin to make my 32125W into a 48125W. I tried to run CDspeed (1.0.1) to test it. Somehow it only recognises the first 4 minutes of the CD. How is this possible and can I change the settings of the program? I tried three different types of cd’s. CloneCD ( recognises the 48125 version but nero ( does not allthough I have the feeling that it burns like a madman now.