Bad Flash - Samsung SM-332B - CD/DVD

Hi everyone, I am a new to this forum and was hoping if anyone can help solve my bad flash problem.

I have a SM-332B - CD/DVD Combo drive installed in my computer. Recently I had problem with the CD tray which seems to start reading whenever I press to open, and not open. I thought this is a driver problem so I’ve went to SAMSUNG’s homepage and downloaded its new firmware, SFDNWIN.exe with T406.bin.

I was running it midway and it freezes and when I reboot the computer now it cannot find the CD/DVD drive at all. I think it was a “bad flash”.

I’ve try running Samsung’s SFDNWIN.exe firmware again but it says it cannot find my drive.

I’ve try using MTKFLASH to flash the latest T406.bin but it seems that MTKFLASH does not work for SM-332B drive.

Does that mean there is simply no other way? Is there any other solution at all?

Thanks very much for your help.


i have the same problem… is there a solution? thanks.

Sorry Guys but you drives are DOA. If you read the forum it says that you undertake responsibility for flashing your firmware. It also says this on your manufacturers web site. Your drive cannot be flashed again to wake it up. The manufacture will not replace it under warranty either. Your gona have to buy another drive

thats what i figured but i know on newer drives the mtkflash comes in very handy. thanks bud.