Bad flash on Sony DRUA

Okay well I got this back in May and everything seemed to be okay, until 7 months later when i tried to burn a dvd and it just wouldnt work. If i can remember correctly i have never been able to read discs with this drive, just write to them. So when i was unable to write to my dvd i decided to try changing the firmware. I chose 1.0d and i was on 1.0e (maybe the earlier release was more stable/reliable, bugs etc…). But when i went to flash my drive me being the goof i am, left the cd in the tray. Is there any way to recover my dead drive. I am also on a 1 year warranty with Sony, would it be better for me to just send it in for repair?

Have you tried reflashing it correctly? If it’s a re-badged Lite-On, that will probably work. I doubt Sony will honor the warranty if you tell them about the incorrect flash.

Well i just noticed that during the flash there was NO cd in the drive at all. I guess it was a bad flash. My drive isnt being detected so is there no hope of me trying to reflash it?

What is the exact model of your Sony DVD burner?

Model #: Dru-810A-R

According to
the DRU-810A-R may be either a rebadged BenQ DW1640 or BenQ DW1650, and perhaps the mod can move this thread to the BenQ forum where you may be more likely to get knowledgeable assistance for bad flash recovery. However, IMO Sony should honor the warranty if failed flash was with official Sony firmware.

The 810A-R is a 1650 rebadge. Unfortunately, if a bad flash to a 1640-based firmware, there is no recovery method.

Yes. I believe that the first firmware that Sony had for both the 1650 and 1640 variants was 1.0e.

1.0d was just released for the 1640 variant, and from the looks of things, you can’t recover the drive.

Oh, okay well it looks like ill be sending it to the manufacture. Thanks to all the people who helped me out, and if you find any more useful information please share.

The Sony DRU 810-[B]R is a rebadged BenQ DW1650.[/B] If you crossflashed it to DW1640 firmware you are sh-t of of luck. Crossflashing a drive voids your warantee so it will be a paperweight, sorry for your misfortune.

send it back and only say it died. not how. not a company in the world is going to check a return that cost them maybe $10. besides it really was dead before the flash mishap.

Do not RMA the drive, if the member took the choice to crossflash he should be responsibile for the outcome. Drives are very cheap, buy another and chaulk it up to experience.:iagree:

alan1476 - maybe you get them for free but the rest of us don’t. like i said in the previous post the drive was dead BEFORE the bad flash. no reason not to rma it if it’s still under warranty.