Bad Flash DDW-451S

I have a bad flash on my DDW-451S that is in my Liteon 5005a. I need to reflash. I tried to upgrade the drive to firmware 1000 (after upgrading to the hacked 1098). It now will not read any media at all. Therefore, I need help with 2 things:

  1. How do I remove the drive. I unscrewed the drive from the four posts holding it in, but now the faceplate is keeping me from removing it. how do I remove the drive so I can place in my PC and reflash?

  2. What firmware do I use to reflash it? All the firmware I see on the 'net is for the LDW-451S. Mine is a DDW-451S. Assuming the LDW is the PC version of our standalone recorder. Can someone point me in the right direction? Thanks in advance

– dstmo

OK, figured out how to get the DVD Faceplate off.

Can anyone help me with getting a binary for (re)flashing the DDW-451S?

– dstmo

dstmo, i have a ddw-451s in my Sept o4 5005a. If you still need it I can back up my firmware (already hacked with ilohacker for 3hr, region free and no macrovision) with ltnfw which saves it as a .bin if you still need it.

Following website gives good advice on how to recover a badly flashed liteon.

for driver unit you can read and write with ltnFW program
but i didn’t try before.
be couse not to take risk of missflash
if any one knows this experience.
please message me or forum.

I have question did you take of driver unit and didyou connected computer for flashing
because may be you only upgreade 5005 and you thinking you bad flash driver.
after that if you shure that maybe your fw didn’t tuch your driver because upgreade program chages to fw of drive if it is own driver unit it is logic?.
if you specially bad flash of driver unit

  1. you must reflash with LDDW-451s FW was ? first verr
  2. if your unit not recognized oncomputer ,you must program is only on dos mode with
  3. you can learn to how to it
  4. after that you must update original fw of LWV-5005a recorder
    important ???
    you can’t use of LDW-451s FW
    you must get DDW-451s FW this is very important
    i dont have this unit because my one DDW-411s
    someone must help to you
    love from turkey-cengiz

Hi !
guys if any one experience of LITE-ON 5005 - 5006 A_B
driver unit flashing like
DDW-411s on LDW-411s chip sets are same
DDW-813s on SOHw-1633s chip sets are same
because hard ware of this units are same
only loading system they used gear loading type little fast thats all
important ???
SOHW-1633s and LDW-411s are not same type chips set
Easy to get LDW-411s and SOHW-1633s in market
i need this experience
originally DDW-411s for 5005B
DDW-813s for 5006B
i will test for DDW-411s is works on 5006B and
DDW-813s is works on 5005B i will inform you soon.

Ehhhh, so how DID you get that faceplate off, having the same problem here… dont want to break it…